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The Food & Drink Supply Chain Conference Programme

Meet Customer & Consumer Needs Now & In The Future…How Can You Drive Cost-Efficiencies & Retailer-Supplier Collaboration For A Lean Logistics Operation & Food & Drink Supply Chain?
Optimise Your Transport Logistics, Forecasting & Availability With Innovative Techniques That Drive Profits & Sustain Growth In The Current, Uncertain Economic Market

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event For The Food & Drink Supply Chain Industry, 13th June 2017, The Millennium Mayfair, Central London. Download the brochure.

Real Insight From 20 Retailers & Manufacturers In Just One Day: Retailer-Supplier Collaboration • Cost-Saving Efficiencies • Forecasting • Inventory & Availability • Date-Driven Decision Making • Talent & The Workforce • Market-Leading Technologies & Innovations • Transport & Logistics • Channel Strategy Snapshots • Brexit • S&OP

A Must-Attend Event For Supply Chain, Logistics & Planning Professionals With 3 Years Of Leading Industry Insights!

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting & Speed Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction

09.10 Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Ned Mortimer
Head of Operations


09.20 Collaborating In Practice! Harness The Latest Industry Insights To Create Long-Lasting & Mutually-Beneficial Retailer-Supplier Relationships That Drive Down Costs

  • Work together strategically for efficient and collaborative retailer-manufacturer relationships to save costs and reduce waste
  • Identify the core expenses and key benefits for each partner
  • Kickstart two-way discussions to better meet retailer expectations on promotions, price reductions, roll backs, forecasting and demand planning for profitable, win-win partnerships
  • Get to grips with customer requirements to ensure your company is aligned to retailer plans for profitable partnerships
  • Break down traditional boundaries for a retailer-supplier partnership that functions as one operation in a new age of cost-efficient, collaborative relationships

09.20 Perspetive One – Retailer
Nehal Thakkar
Supply Chain Manager

09.40 – Perspective Two
Victoria Segebarth
Supply Chain Director UK & Ireland
Molson Coors

10.00 Perspective Three – Retailer
Nicola Robinson
Sr. Manager Sustainable Sourcing
McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd


10.20 Join Asda As They Share Their Experiences & Insights On Retailer-Supplier Collaboration
Pauline Ferguson
Senior Director Ambient Planning

10.40 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking & Peer Discussion Zones


10.40 From Store Formats To Convenience To Discounters To Online, Ensure Your Supply Chain Thrives Across Every Channel

A) Convenience
B) Discounters
C) Online
D) Store Formats
E) Retailers



11.10 Utilise The Latest Collaboration Techniques & Cost-Saving Tools To Squeeze Out Excess Expenses

  • From order to delivery, identify areas of unnecessary spend and reduce waste for a streamlined, profitable supply chain
  • Examine the services and innovations worth investing in and utilise real-world examples of what worked and what didn’t for reduced costs
  • Boost transport efficiency by ensuring your distribution network is fully utilised with full pallets and vehicles to remove waste and make savings
  • Best-practice advice on driving down costs whilst maintaining competitive quality and service at home and abroad

Ben Wright
Director of Global Supply Chain – Planning
Vita Coco
(Subject To Availability)

Ronan Quigley
Head of Central Operations

Luis Felipe Calderon
Operations & Procurement Manager
Mast-Jaegermeister UK

Stewart Dickson
Development Manager (Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Commercial)
British Sugar

Nevine Tadros
Global Supply Chain Systems and Integration Senior Manager
McDonald’s Corporation

11.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. To get involved in The Food & Drink Supply Chain Conference – Boosting Efficiency & Collaboration, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email partner@foodsupplychainconference.com for more details.


12.00 Boost Your Forecasting Strategy With Insights Into The Latest Methods & Innovative Techniques For Improved Accuracy & Availability

  • Build a solid forecasting foundation: the key principles, crucial outputs, financials, production requirements and raw material planning required for accurate forecasting
  • Identify the key forecasting platforms that will consolidate inputs, harness wider business insights and provide the right metrics without overcomplicating your strategies
  • Know your limits: increase production capacity in line with demand to meet retailer on-shelf requirements without reducing product quality or customer service
  • A look to how supply chains can lead the way in monitoring ongoing accuracy and accuracy of commercial inputs to drive down costs and reduce waste
  • Key insights into optimising your stockholding whilst minimising storage costs and SKU counts

Matt Thomas
Operations Production Manager


12.20 Develop Next-Level, On-Shelf Availability & Replenishment Strategies With Efficient Inventory Management & Key Insights Into Retailer Expectations

  • Understand retailer availability needs to reduce waste and working capital without challenging customer service
  • Delve into the challenges faced by suppliers when negotiating consignment stock with retailers to effectively collaborate with your customers for maximum availability
  • Examine the pros and cons of standard vs. bespoke inventories for the different functions to develop a service-orientated inventory system that works for your company and customers
  • Key insights into successful inventory reduction methods: what’s worked elsewhere and how you can replicate it to reduce costs and SQU counts

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check The Website For Updates


12.35 Data-Driven Decision Making Within Supply Chain
Join Tesco as they share their learnings in harnessing data to drive strategic decisions and efficient supply chains with their suppliers.
James Briercliffe
Project Manager – Supplier Partnerships, Tesco Supply Chain

12.55 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.25 Facilitated Informal Lunchtime Discussions & Peer Brainstorming

Chris Morgan
Sales & Operations Planning Manager

B) Green Issues & Sustainability
Jason Russell
Supply Chain Manager
Mitchells & Butlers

C) Operational Challenges in Sustainable Supply Chains
Filip Toye
Supply Chain Manager Chocolate EMEA

D) Effective Supply Chain Collaboration
Jacqueline Turner
Senior Demand Planning Analyst
Tennent’s & Caledonian Brewery (C&C Group)

E) International Supply Chain Trade & Management

F) Collaborating With Competitors


13.55 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks


14.05 Are Your Workforce Skills Up To Scratch? Prepare For The Supply Chain Role Of The Future By Cultivating New Skills & Fresh Talent With The Latest Market Insights

  • What will the supply chain function demand of you in the future? A look at the likely market changes to understand what you will need to stay in the game
  • Examine the apprenticeship schemes that will engage younger generations and bring fresh talent to supply chain roles for sustainable business development
  • The best methods of attracting the right calibre of people to your business and dealing with issues around pay to prevent these cost pressures from impacting your business

Nick Smart
Logistics Director
Müller Milk & Ingredients


14.25 Harness The Latest Innovations & Understand How Technology Could Impact Future Supply Chains To Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiencies

  • Invest in market innovations and understand which technologies will take out manpower and shorten timelines for lean supply chains
  • Harness real-time data for next-level reporting and analytics strategies by tracking availability, delivery and waste to eliminate unnecessary expenses
  • Examine the development of augmented reality
  • Advice on automating your business and linking automation to your IP system

Jacqueline Turner
Senior Demand Planning Analyst
Tennent’s & Caledonian Brewery (C&C Group)
Tom Rose
Head of International Operations

SPAR International


14.55 Maximising Value Through Supply Chain Integration
Klaus Rueth
Senior Director, Supply Chain Management

15.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. To get involved in The Food & Drink Supply Chain Conference – Boosting Efficiency & Collaboration, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email partner@foodsupplychainconference.com for more details.

15.30 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



16.00 Develop Efficient Transport & Logistics Strategies With Key Insights Into Vehicle Innovations & Cost-Saving Methods To Ensure Effective Collaboration & Profitable Operations

  • How can you best drive efficiencies in your logistics strategies to ensure availability and service whilst reducing expenses?
  • Examine the threat of drones and autonomous vehicles and investigate what retailers are doing in this space for a more profitable supply chain?
  • Maintain a sustainable LGV labour force and efficiently-functioning fleet for effective transport logistics
  • Overcome current challenges such as more vehicles, the rise of Amazon Fresh and expectations of immediate delivery to create a sustainable supply chain that meets customer expectations

Petri Sinkko
Global Category Manager Transport & Logistics
Lantmännen Unibake International (UBI)


16.20 How Will Brexit Impact Food & Drink Supply Chains? The Latest Insights & Strategies For Future-Proofing Your Supply Chain In The Changing Market

  • Assess the potential impact of Brexit on European imports to future-proof your supply chain and mitigate increasing expenses
  • Examine the complexities of employing EU workers in terms of criteria, interviews and visas etc.; what likely additional expenses will this mean for your company?
  • Investigate potential future export operations and processes – will you need to bring in new operations such as freight-forwarding and economic operator capabilities?

Oliver Hunt
Head of UK Supply Chain
Mast-Jaegermeister UK

Nick Smart
Logistics Director
Müller Milk & Ingredients

Jacqueline Turner
Senior Demand Planning Analyst
Tennent’s & Caledonian Brewery


16.50 Nestlé share their best-practice advice for creating shared value by focusing on long-term social, environmental and economic sustainability throughout their supply chain.
Robin Sundaram
Milk Buyer & Sustainable Sourcing Lead


17.10 Align Your Business Goals & Your Customers With Efficient, Cross-Departmental S&OP Strategy That Delivers Effective Service Levels

  • Examine the pros and cons of S&OP and how it could transform your business with more efficient operations and systems
  • Sell the virtues of S&OP to your organisation for cross-departmental engagement and boosted efficiency and availability
  • Which cutting-edge systems can take S&OP to the next level by monitoring different data sets and automatically updating when forecasts or markets change?

Teun Veldhuizen
Manager Demand Planning & S&OP

17.40 Official Close Of Conference & Chair’s Closing Remarks

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Food & Drink Supply Chain Conference – Boosting Efficiency & Collaboration, please email info@foodsupplychainconference.com or call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299.